Room Hire

Yes, we do hire our rooms to various community groups, as well as occasional one-off bookings. And of course, we make good use of the space ourselves, too.

All of these ground floor rooms (apart from the creche) are wheelchair-accessible.  There is a platform lift between the Foyer and the Norley Hall.



These are our normal costs for hiring rooms:

Church £15 per hour (one-off events), £10 per hour (regular groups)

Norley Hall £15 per hour (one-off events), £10 per hour (regular groups)

Norley Lounge £8 per session (morning/afternoon/evening)

Decisions about whether to accept a booking application, or to vary these rates, are entirely at our discretion.


Is there room available?

Do look at the calendar to see whether a room is already in use. We do not normally hire out the main church room on Saturdays, but the Norley Hall may be available. We do not take outside bookings for Sundays.


How to apply for a Room Hire booking

  1. Download, print and complete whichever of our Booking Application forms is relevant:
  2. Read and confirm that you will abide by the following documents:
  3. If relevant, either indicate that you have your own Safeguarding Policy, or provide us with duly completed and signed copy of this one:
  4. We will make a decision about whether or not to accept your application and supply a detailed Booking Confirmation if it is accepted.

Note that regular bookings are valid for a maximum of 12 months, after which a new application will be required.


Room Hire (Bookings Secretary)

If you wish to enquire about the possibility of hiring a room, please contact:

Mrs Pauline Woodward
c/o 70-74 Plymstock Road, Plymstock,
Devon PL9 7PB
Tel: 01752 402 197
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Rooms available for hiring

Church and Norley Hall - the largest meeting space, with seating for up to 170 people.  It can also overflow into the Foyer via folding doors for special occasions.

Norley Hall - a medium-sized hall, frequently used by youth and children's organisations.  The room can seat up to 50 people.

Norley Lounge - a ground floor meeting room, used for small groups up to about 10 people.

Other rooms

Foyer - this is shared access space for the entire premises, but is also used for some of our activities.  There is also a separate front entrance that can be used for the Norley Hall and Norley Lounge if necessary.

Whitfeld Lounge - this small room is set aside for prayer, and people are welcome to make use of it for personal prayer and reflection if it is vacant.

Upper Room - an upstairs room reserved for the church's use, with access via a staircase.

Creche - an infant-friendly room used mainly for preschoolers on Sunday mornings.



Room plan