Want to contact us?

You'll find the main contact info in the panel further down the page (right before you get to the map of where we are).  Scroll down and you'll see it.  In fact it's on every page of this site, just to be super convenient.

If you're looking for contact info for a particular area of our work, why not pop along to the 'Leadership Team' page.


Want to know a bit of background?

There's some basic information on the 'Roots and Connections' page - a little bit of history, and our affiliations with the wider church.


What do we do?

All sorts of things! To be honest, you need to explore the site and see the breadth and variety here. We help people get to know Jesus and discover how to follow him in everyday life. We try to make a difference in our community and the wider world. We get together to worship, to build friendships, have fun, and make life good.

We try to be open-hearted, welcoming, gently, enthusiastic and thoughtful. We get things wrong, learn from them (sometimes!), cut each other some slack, and try to share all this with the people we meet.  We smile, laugh, cry, ponder, talk, listen, hug and pray.

Most important of all, we learn to do life with Jesus.